Process of works

Browsing the website

Take the time to browse through our site and get a feel for us as a company and our excellent products.

Book a free designer

We will visit you at your convenience and design the perfect fitted furniture to suit your needs. We will get the chance to show off our lovely products & at no point will we drive a hard sale or over stay our welcome.

Time to think it over

We will not contact you to harass you into buying from us, we will leave you with the honest quotation. Certain offers applied at the time may be subject to expiration dates but we will make you aware of this from the start.

Proceeding with FOX

Once the plan has been clarified and you’re completely happy with what we are offering the next stage is to receive the deposit of around 20% leaving the rest to be paid once we have finished the works and you’re completely satisfied.


At this stage the ball is rolling, we are now starting to breakdown the job and start working on your fitted wardrobe or fitted home office. Nothing that we do is of standard size, we make absolutely everything including our wardrobe sliding doors individually giving us the ability to make every job personal.

Day of installation

It’s here the day you’ve been waiting for! Our employed installers will look after you & your home. We will do our absolute best to cover over everything with clean dust sheets and have a really good clean at the end of every day leaving you with just a lovely new wardrobe to fill up.

Ten year guarantee

New fitted furniture giving you maximum storage space but it doesn’t end there. Our works are guaranteed for ten years which means if for any unfortunate reason something needs to be rectified then that’s exactly what will happen. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will sort it for you, stress free!! We use the best products on the market and stand by our ten year guarantee!