6 Types of Wardrobes You Should Consider When Buying

6 Types of Wardrobes You Should Consider When Buying

1. Hinged Door Wardrobe

A hinged door wardrobe is the most common type of wardrobe, It consists of being attached to the closet with strong hinges that allow you to swing the door outwards at a 90 degrees angle. This type of wardrobe is best suited to a space that is quite open due to the amount of space the swinging doors take up so putting a hinged wardrobe in an area that is limited isn’t a good idea.

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2. Free-standing Wardrobe

A free-standing wardrobe is a perfect choice for people who have a busy personal & work life as items can be stored not only inside the wardrobe but on top of it also creating even more space. So if you have a high ceiling this will be even more perfect for you, making you able to store items with a large height. These wardrobes also offer a huge amount of flexibility when trying to match the style of your room due to the choice of colours, finishes and door types.

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3. Sliding Door Wardrobe

If you’re looking for a wardrobe that doesn’t take up much space when retrieving your clothes then a sliding door wardrobe is perfect. As stated in the name the doors simply slide open saving space by the doors not needing to open out, due to this it allows the space to flow within a room. A disadvantage of the sliding door wardrobe is that you can only see some of your items at a time as the sliding door will cover the rest.

Copper grey sliding door wardrobe

4. Walk-In Wardrobe

If you have a medium to large empty space to fill then a walk-in wardrobe is perfect to store all your clothes, shoes & jewellery. It can be custom made to fit the room perfectly so you’ll never run out of space by adding shelving and storage solutions wherever you want. These could be a pull out accessory draw so all your rings and necklaces aren’t jammed together. By having a walk-in wardrobe you’re able to easily organise your items into sections due to the amount of size you have instead of trying to dig around in a cluttered closet.

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5. Bespoke Wardrobes

Having a bedroom with sharp corners & angles can be hard to find a wardrobe that fits correctly. You will usually find that the wardrobe sticks out or looks out of place due to the design of the room. By having a bespoke wardrobe you’re able to make it fit all angles of your room giving you a flush finish while not compromising on space. Although a bespoke wardrobe is more expensive you’re able to achieve the style and design you’ve been looking for as everything can be hand-selected from the material to the shelves inside.

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6. Mirror Wardrobes

If you’re looking to make your room feel slightly larger then a mirror wardrobe is perfect to give you that effect. You’ll also get even more added benefits such as your room being significantly brighter due to the reflection of the natural light.

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