10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe

Reason 1: Bespoke wardrobes create more storage space

Don’t waste any more space in your bedroom by using a freestanding wardrobe. A bespoke fitted wardrobe can use every inch of available space so you’re not storing winter clothes or items on the top of your wardrobe. They are tailored to fit the height of your room and can be made to measure to accommodate awkward walls and ceilings to give you a flush look.

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Reason 2: You don’t need to cut corners

One of the best things about bespoke fitted wardrobes is that you can control all the aspects to ensure it matches the decor of your bedroom. You can choose the interior colour, exterior colour, and type of handles. This means you don’t have to settle for a wardrobe that doesn’t fit your needs and it complements the space in which it will live. For example, if you want to make your room look slightly bigger you may choose to have mirrors on the exterior to create that illusion.

A photo of a grey bespoke fitted mirror wardrobe

Reason 3: The Internal compartments can be designed how you need it

Our clients should consider their current wardrobe and how it’s used. They should also think about how they want their new fitted wardrobe to look and function, this includes the design of the internal storage layout. Our experts believe that the inside of a wardrobe is just as important as the outside. It’s important to configure it the way you need it as a bespoke wardrobe is made to last for years to come.

An example of this would be if you have a collection of shoes, a good idea would be to have a pull-out shoe shelf. This will help you store each pair neatly and they will be easily accessible. If you have a collection of jewellery, having a pull-out storage drawer with inserts built into your wardrobe will provide a dedicated home for these.

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Reason 4: Fitted Wardrobes can transform your room

Bespoke fitted wardrobes can not only be used in bedrooms but they can also be used in other rooms in your house, if you have a spare or underused bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room can be created using fitted wardrobes. They can also work well in large bedrooms to divide the space and create a more zoned feel.

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Reason 5:The Wardrobes are made bespoke to your needs

If you are tired of trying to fit everything into your wardrobe due to the lack of space then you will appreciate the freedom a fitted wardrobe can give you. You can design a fitted wardrobe that is exactly what you’re wanting. You can choose the features and details that you want so it is truly customised for your room. You will be dealing with experienced designers who know how to organise everything so you have enough space for everything you may require. Even if your room has very awkward corners and curves we are able to work with these so you have a flush finish.

Our custom made wardrobes aren’t just designed to organise space, we also make sure they look amazing too! This means you can pick from all the materials & finishes we offer for your interior and exterior including the door handles. You also have the option to decide how you would like the doors to open for example would you like them to open outwards or a sliding door.

Oriental black & grey mirror sliding wardrobe

Reason 6: Maximise Your Items Space efficiency

Many people have small homes due to the housing pricing which don’t have a lot of room for a wardrobe. Or, people might have a large wardrobe that takes up the entire room, making it hard to place other furniture in the room. This is usually due to flat-packed wardrobes that are made to please the mass market. However, If you want your home to be more efficient, then fitted bedrooms are the answer.

A Fitted wardrobe will maximise the efficiency of the bedroom by using the space efficiently and providing an attractive design.

A photo of a Cashmere grey hinged wardrobe with mirror squares & chrome knobs

Reason 7: Pick from a range of materials and finishes

Unlike a flat packed wardrobe, you’re able to select a design that compliments the design of your home as a bespoke fitted wardrobe is designed from scratch, you’re able to go with 100’s of materials and colours such as a wood finish. Every detail can be customised so you will not have to worry about the space and storage for your clothes and accessories. Every detail will be handled all the way down to the handles.

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Reason 8: A long lasting investment

​​Working with one of our experienced carpenters to create your perfect fitted wardrobe is an exciting task to do & shouldn’t be stressful. Skilled craftsmen use high-quality materials and techniques to create a beautiful, long-lasting wardrobe that is perfect for your needs. If you’re planning on moving house, having extra storage can be a selling point as there will be more space that can be used in the room.

Photo of a bespoke Oak sliding wardrobe with Satin bronze square inserts and a bronze frame

Reason 9: Customisable storage compartments

One huge benefit of made-to-measure wardrobes is that you can customise the storage to fit your lifestyle. Double rails are a great way to maximise hanging space for shorter clothing. If you have dresses and coats, you might need longer hanging space with a smaller storage area for shoes and jewellery.

White wardrobe interior

Reason 10: We are experts

Fox Wardrobes is a family run business that has the highest respect for you & your home. We have ten year’s experience with fitted bedroom furniture across the south-east which means we have a great understanding of the products we use. we take great pride in everything that we do, from arranging the free no-hassle home survey, right up to covering your fitted bedrooms, or your fitted home office with our ten-year guarantee!

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